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Highlight Your Girl Scout Experience on Your Résumé

Girl Scout Ambassadors

Whether you’re applying for college, internships, jobs, or any other program, fitting all the great experiences you’ve had into a résumé can be tough. You’ve most likely been involved in many different activites like sports, volunteer work, academics, and school clubs, but what will set you apart from other candidates is including your Girl Scout experience. To help you get started, here are some tips on how to make your impressive Girl Scouting experiences stand out on your résumé.

Make a list of skills and experiences you’ve gained in Girl Scouts

All Girl Scout experiences help to develop essential life skills, as well as confidence and competence. Perhaps you loved learning outdoor skills at Girl Scout Camp, sharpening your STEM skills at a hands-on engineering event, completing a Take Action project, or advocating for a cause you care about. Whatever it may be, chances are you learned meaningful lessons that have helped shape who you are today. Start by making a list of your most memorable Girl Scout experiences to decide how to frame the skills you learned.

Troop Meetings

As a Girl Scout, you’ve probably learned how to lead troop meetings, activities, or planned events. Doing any or all of these demonstrates leadership, event management, and organizational skills. By working alongside your troop, you likely learned about teamwork

Fall Product Sale and Girl Scout Cookie Season

If you participated in selling fall product or cookies, you learned about goal setting, decision-making, business ethics, money management, and people skills. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country and you have a big role in it! It gives you the opportunity to practice entrepreneurial skills that set you up for success and immeasurable benefits.

Highest Awards

If you earned your Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, you learned to identify an issue, find a solution, work with other members of your community to create a sustainable solution. By describing the process you went through, you demonstrate project management, problem-solving, and leadership skills

Other Meaningful Experiences

Each Girl Scout has a unique journey. Whether you’ve been a Girl Scout for one year or 12 years, make sure to highlight any major programs, events, positions or awards you completed with a short summary of what you did. Take some time to think about your favorite Girl Scout moments and what you learned from them. Hopefully these tips will help you start thinking about what you have accomplished as a Girl Scout and how it may influence your future.

Join the Girl Scout Network on LinkedIn

As you prepare and make plans for your future after high school, LinkedIn is an essential tool to further your career interests and create strong connections that may influence your future. Include your Girl Scout experience on your LinkedIn profile then interact with other Girl Scout alums, join a community of support for female professionals, and access resources for career development by following the Girl Scout Network on LinkedIn