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Are You Ready for the 2018 Cookie Season?


Cookie season is here! Read on for important information to help ensure she is safe and, most importantly, having fun. We have some perennial information as well as some special 2018-only details.

With all the excitement building up for the cookie season, please remember that there is no selling cookies or taking orders until Cookie Go Day on Saturday, February 3.

Most importantly, make sure that your Girl Scouts are having fun! And remember, you’re participating in the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world!

Online Sales

New for 2018, all Girl Scouts can sell cookies online via Smart Cookies. Girls will be able to send out e-cards to friends and family to have them order cookies online. There are two types of e-cards:

  • Direct Ship: The customer orders and pays for the cookies online (including shipping and handling fees!). The Girl Scout cookie bakery will then ship out the cookies directly to the customer, and the Girl Scouts will automatically receive credit for those sales.
  • Girl Delivery: The customer orders the cookies online. Once ordered, the Girl Scouts will then deliver the cookies to the customer and collect payment in the form of check or cash at delivery. Girls choose which customers receive an e-card with the girl delivery option. The link is set up so that customers cannot access the girl delivery page without prior approval by the Girl Scout.

All registered Girl Scouts River Valleys cookie sellers will receive an automated email from Smart Cookies with their unique link to log in for the first time between February 2–3. If you don’t receive your link by February 3 or have issues with your account, please contact us.

A Few Things to Remember When Checking Your Email

  • Roughly 20,000 girls will be receiving their personalized email on the same day, so please be patient while we help girls log in and answer questions.
  • Help ensure your Girl Scout’s email successfully goes through by adding to your trusted senders list.
  • Even if you receive your email on February 2, you still will not be able to sell cookies until Cookie Go Day on February 3.

Learn more about how girls can use Smart Cookies by watching our girl training videos. If your Girl Scout isn’t ready for online sales, that’s OK! Online sales are optional.

A Supersized Football Weekend

Minnesota is hosting the big game on Sunday! This is an exciting opportunity for local business owners—including our cookie entrepreneurs. Please follow these guidelines and tips to make the most of this gridiron spectacular.

  • Canvas your neighborhood looking for football parties. The hosts and hostesses will appreciate being able to offer Girl Scout Cookies to their guests. Not sure who is hosting a football party? Just look for the cars gathering prior to kick off.
  • Challenge your customers to vote for who they think will win by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies. Keep a tally board going throughout the weekend:
    • Thanks-A-Lots for the Philadelphia Eagles
    • Peanut Butter Patties for the New England Patriots
    • Caramel deLites if they’re hoping for the Minnesota Vikings in 2019
    • Thin Mints if they’re hoping for the Green Bay Packers in 2019
  • Find out if your troop is hosting a cookie booth. Please remember that cookie booths must be organized by the troop leader or troop cookie manager.
  • Get creative, but be safe! It’s estimated that one million people will be coming to the Twin Cities to celebrate. Also note that Minneapolis has designated a large portion of downtown as a Designated Large Event Zone (PDF) putting special limitations on what can and cannot be sold. In short, this means Girl Scouts should not head downtown near US Bank Stadium to sell cookies. Did you know we have to apply for a permit each year for girls to sell cookies door-to-door in Minneapolis?
  • For our Saint Paul families, please be aware that the Saint Paul Winter Carnival is closed for mobile sales since it is a council-secured booth location.
Social Media, Internet, and Cookies

Girls and their families are encouraged to promote their cookie sale (and can share their Smart Cookies direct ship link) on social media. We even have a social media tool kit full of eye-catching cookie graphics! As always, social media and online promotions are limited to friends and family—a.k.a. people you know out in the real world!

Want to share a link on your Facebook or Instagram page? Go ahead! Just make sure it’s the Girl Scout who actually makes the sale. You can accomplish this by asking who is interested in buying cookies to support your Girl Scout and note that she’ll follow up with them to take their order.

No posting any cookie promotions (including Smart Cookies links) on public Facebook pages (for example, garage sale pages and Facebook Marketplace), Nextdoor, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc. This is to keep all of Girl Scouts safe, as these pages can be accessed by people you don’t personally know.

Stay Safe!

We want our Girl Scouts to always be safe. Here are a couple of our safety guidelines. You can find more on our Resources for Cookie Sellers page.

  • Wear your Girl Scout uniform, membership pin, or general Girl Scout clothing so that customers know you’re a Girl Scout. (This is also required by many city ordinances such as Minneapolis.)
  • Stay with adults when going door-to-door with cookies. Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors must be accompanied by an adult. Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors must be supervised by adults. All girls must always have a buddy when selling (the buddy can be the adult).
  • Keep money safe and secure.
  • Do not enter customer homes, and always sell during the day time.
How to Talk Cookies

When out selling Girl Scout Cookies, girls and their accompanying adults are representing the Girl Scout brand to potential customers. Girls should be able to talk about their goals, what their troop does, what they’re learning in Girl Scouts (like preparing girls to lead and succeed!), and where the cookie money goes. The last one is easy: 100% of cookie proceeds stay local to support local Girl Scouts. Want some more tips? GSUSA's Cookie Readiness Sheet (PDF) has more cookie booth tips.

Sometimes customers can ask tough questions or have a negative comment they wish to express. We’ve put together some tips on that as well in our Know what to Say to Negative Comments section on our website.

Best of luck out there! You’re participating in the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world – so be proud and have fun!