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Pre-Kindergarten Girls, Ready, Set, Go!

We’re thrilled to hear you’re excited about joining Girl Scouts! Being a part of a Girl Scout troop during her kindergarten year is a great way to give your girl a head start on building her courage, confidence and character. She’ll get to try new things, make new friends, and work to improve the community. Picture how amazing it will be for your girl to head into her first day of kindergarten with a troop of friends by her side!

We’re identifying a new crop of Daisies (kindergarten & 1st graders) in your area and troops are getting ready! Girls entering kindergarten in fall 2019 are invited to become a Girl Scout Daisy with an Extended Year Membership. ($35 covers the summer and school year.)

Pre-K Registration Tips

  1. Choose Pre-K as her grade: Girls entering kindergarten in fall 2019 should select Pre-K as their grade when registering. Our membership system will automatically update her grade to kindergarten on July 1.
  2. The second step of the registration process is selecting a troop. Type “Looking for a Troop” in the Troop # box under Ways to Participate. Now through early September, we’re forming troops for girls entering kindergarten in fall 2019. Select a “Looking for a troop” option closest to your home or school (your choice) and we’ll be sure to get your connected with other families in the area.

*Current Girl Scout Families: If your family has one or more current Girl Scouts, you can add your Pre-K girl to your household at any time. Check out the detailed instructions under Add a New Adult or Girl Member to Your Household.

It’s going to be a blast and we’re so excited that you’re joining us on this journey! 

Register Pre-K Girl

Come see us in person at a local spring troop formation events.