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Cookies B2B Patch Program

Business-to-Business Patch Program

What are B2B Sales?

B2B (business-to-business) sales are made between two businesses, where one of the businesses is a Girl Scout or troop. The other business purchases Girl Scout Cookies and uses those cookies to give away (usually as a thank you gift for their customers or employees). For example, a real-estate agent might buy cookies to give out as housewarming gifts for new homeowners, or a sales firm might want to say thanks (Maybe with some Thanks-a-lots?) to employees for reaching a sales goal.

Consider having the girls schedule a meeting wearing their Girl Scout uniforms and put together a proposal to present to their potential business partner. Have girls explain the troop’s goals and how they will use the proceeds they earn from the sale. Follow up with your business partner after the sale to thank them and let them know if the troop achieved their goals.

Business Ethics is one of the five skills girls develop through participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Girls can learn the importance of business ethics by following the Girl Scout Promise and Law as they interact with their business partner and demonstrate their gratitude for the partnership. Request the B2B Sale Patch by completing the online form by March 27.

Request Patch

Girls will receive the patch with all the rest of the cookie rewards they earned during the cookie season in the spring!

What Businesses Should She Contact?

  • Real estate offices or rental agencies (Welcome home cookies!)
  • Car dealerships
  • Medical offices
  • Accounting firms (It’s tax season!)
  • Any service or sales-based businesses

Eligibility Requirements

  • Depending on the connection to the business, these sales can either be arranged by an individual Girl Scout, or by the entire troop and credit is split evenly among the girls.
  • The businesses cannot be a council-secured cookie booth partner.
  • These sales should not be recorded as a cookie booth.
  • Businesses may not resell the cookies they purchase from a Girl Scout or troop (e.g., girls cannot sell cookies to a grocery store just so that the store can use them for them to resell to their customers).
  • Submissions will be accepted  starting Friday, February 8, 2019 at 4 p.m. CST.  All entries are due Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Girls will receive the patch with all the rest of the cookie rewards they earned during the cookie season in the spring!

Skill Focus:

Business Ethics Icon

Business Ethics: Be honest and responsible at every step of the cookie sale. Business ethics reinforce the positive values girls develop as a Girl Scout.