Finance Manager

The Finance Manager supervises business logistics and financial transactions related to a volunteer-led day camp.

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  1. Complete all required training as sponsored by River Valleys and the Day Camp Leadership Team.
  2. Maintain ongoing communication with the River Valleys’ staff and Day Camp Director.
  3. Submit any required paperwork to the River Valleys’ staff in a timely manner.
  4. Ensure the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law are the basis for decision-making and delivery of the day camp program.
  5. Supervise the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the day camp budget.
  6. Provide ongoing financial guidance and support to the Day Camp Leadership team.
  7. Train, supervise, and provide ongoing support to the Day Camp Equipment and Logistics Coordinator.
  8. Maintain accurate and complete financial records and ensure bills are paid.
  9. Submit all contracts to River Valleys for necessary approval and signatures.
  10. Collaborate with the Day Camp Leadership team for the ordering and purchase of supplies and equipment.
  11. Collaborate with the Equipment and Logistics Coordinator regarding the coordination of day camp equipment, including, but not limited to camp set up and camp closing.
  12. Set up and maintain the day camp checking account.
  13. Review and submit all end-of-season and financial records on time with the River Valleys’ Staff.
  14. Assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Day Camp Director.
  15. Follow all River Valleys and GSUSA policies, standards, and procedures.


  1. Currently registered adult member of GSUSA.
  2. Willing to fully participate in volunteer application and screening process.
  3. Practice welcoming and inclusive behavior toward people of all ages, races, religions, cultures, abilities, sexual orientation, gender, educational, and economic backgrounds.
  4. Committed to speak and act in a manner consistent with the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law.
  5. Demonstrate excellent group and interpersonal communication skills.
  6. Complete all required trainings and respond to River Valleys’ Staff communications in a timely manner.
  7. Experience in financial management.
  8. Strong and accurate record keeping skills.

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