Troop Mentor

The Troop Mentor’s role is rewarding, fun and important. The troop mentor welcomes new leaders and introduces them to resources and support including: the service unit team, leader meetings, troop support, and online trainings and resources.

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Primary Responsibilities + Timeline:


  • Obtain new troop leader(s) information from River Valleys’ reports or service unit team.
  • Contact new leader(s) via email or phone call to introduce yourself and welcome new leader(s).
  • Invite new leader(s) to the upcoming service unit meeting and/or provide information about alternative methods of communication (email, website, etc).
  • Check in with new leaders to see if they have questions or concerns about The Snacks+Magazines program, troop meetings, getting started, registrations, program, etc. and refer them to the appropriate resources if needed.
  • Attend leader meeting and introduce any new leaders that attend.
  • Facilitate a new leader orientation meeting with new leaders.


  • Check in with new leader(s) to see if they have questions or concerns about the upcoming Cookie program and refer them to the appropriate resources if needed, including their Service Unit Cookie Manager and Product Program.


  • Encourage and remind new troops to register early.
  • Be available to answer questions related to bridging and court of awards.


  • Follow up with new troops that have not registered early to see if they will be returning. If not, make sure they know the disbanding process.
  • Attend SU plan of work meeting as necessary.

Additional Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Be a friend and mentor to new troop leaders.
  • Must have an email address and allow River Valleys to provide it to new troop leaders in your SU.
  • Promote River Valleys programs, trainings and resources to new leaders.
  • Maintain positive relationships with River Valleys’ staff, service unit team, parents, troop leaders, and community partners.
  • Follow all GSUSA and River Valleys’ policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Promote and support River Valleys’ Family Fundraising Campaign, Snacks+Magazines Program, and Cookie Program in relationship to your volunteer position.
  • Support and promote The Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Troop Mentor Resources

New Leader Trainings

New Leader Orientation Resources