The Treasurer provides general oversight and management of all service unit finances.

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  • Assist troops in opening/closing bank accounts and monitoring accounts as needed.
  • General management of service unit checking account.
  • Pay all invoices for service unit activities and events in a timely manner.
  • Participate as an active member of the service unit team by attending regular service unit team and leader meetings, and participating in the creation of the annual service unit plan.
  • Report on bank account activity monthly.
  • Complete and submit service unit finance report by June 30.
  • Gather and submit troop finance reports by June 30.
  • Provide guidance to volunteers to ensure compliance with River Valleys’ financial policies, including money earning activities.
  • Coach service unit volunteers about responsible money management as needed.
  • Assist with other financial related duties as assigned by the service unit manager or River Valleys staff members.
  • Complete volunteer position training.
  • Follow all GSUSA and River Valleys’ policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Promote and support River Valleys’ Family Fundraising Campaign and Product Program activities.


  • Currently registered adult member of GSUSA. Must complete River Valleys’ onboarding process.
  • Committed to speak and act in a manner consistent with the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law.
  • Ability to listen, offer advice tactfully and communicate effectively.
  • Be comfortable with money management.
  • Possess strong and accurate record keeping skills.

Read the Treasurer's Calendar of Duties


New Treasurers:

  • Become a signer on service unit bank account
  • Sign up to have online access to monitor the bank account
  • Obtain a debit card for the bank account
  • Arrange for the service unit bank account statements to be mailed to the service unit manager since you are keeping the account checkbook

All Treasurers:

  • Ensure all troops have a bank account prior to Fall Product  go day
  • Assist new troops with opening and managing new bank accounts
  • Review previous Year End Finance Report; make changes to new year annual budget if necessary.
  • Collaborate with your service unit team to develop budget for year
  • Attend leader meetings to provide service unit finance report as needed
  • Obtain Troop Bank Account Records from all new troops. Submit a copy to River Valleys


  • Ensure all troops have a bank account prior to cookie go day


  • Attend leader meetings to provide service unit finance report as needed
  • Ensure troops know how to fill out a troop finance report


  • Attend leader meetings to provide service unit finance report as needed
  • Remind troop leaders to turn in troop finance reports by June 15th
  • Work with service unit team to create incentives to motivate troop leaders to submit finance report June 15th


  • Attend Service Unit plan of work meeting
  • Submit SU Finance Report to River Valleys by June 30
  • Collect and submit all troop finance reports; submit to River Valleys by June 30
  • Attend leader meetings to provide service unit finance report as needed
  • Assist disbanding troops with closing accounts and finalizing paperwork
  • Contact troops that have not submitted a troop finance report by June 15
  • Review all troop finance reports and discuss problems with your service unit manager

Year Round Duties

  • Attend service unit team meetings
  • Treasurer must be the third signer on all NON-Wells Fargo accounts
  • Know council policies relating to money management
  • Make sure all service unit purchases are within council policy guidelines
  • Assist with questions d concerns related to service unit/troop money management
  • Keep a copy of all service unit and troop finance reports for service unit records
  • Keep bank account information for both new and returning troops
  • Discuss money issues with service unit team as necessary

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