The Registrar’s role is to assist the members in your service unit (SU) with registration and to support and encourage accurate registrations for Snacks+Magazines, Cookies and Early Bird Registration.

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Qualifications   ▾

Primary Responsibilities + Timeline:


  • Create/maintain a SU troop roster (to include information on troops welcoming new members, schools, meeting information, leader contact, #girls, etc.).
  • Encourage troops to register on time by October 1.


  • Encourage troops to register before cookie sales begin.


  • Promote Early Bird registration (send out reminders).

Additional Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Assist with troop placement as necessary.
  • Contact troops that have not registered as necessary.
  • Maintain positive relationships with River Valleys’ staff, service unit team, parents, troop leaders, and community partners.
  • Follow all GSUSA and River Valleys’ policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Promote and support River Valleys’ Family Fundraising Campaign, Snacks+Magazines Program, and Cookie Program in relationship to your volunteer position.
  • Support and promote The Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

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