The Registrar’s role is to assist the members in your service unit (SU) with registration and to support and encourage accurate registrations for Cookies and Early Bird Registration.

Read the Registrar's Responsibilities and Qualifications


  • Create/maintain a SU troop roster (to include information on troops welcoming new members, schools, meeting information, etc.)
  • Assist individual troops/Juliettes with registration issues, as needed and send changes to SU Support or Registration staff.
  • Contact troops with no leader or only one adult registered.
  • Assist with troop placement.
  • Manage Early Bird Registration (i.e. track early registered troops, distribute patches).
  • Assist with member placement for disbanding troops and offer Juliette option. Connect Juliettes with Juliette Mentor if one is available.
  • Contact troops about renewal if membership has lapsed.
  • Work with SU Recruiter to assist with managing new troops.


  • Currently registered adult member of GSUSA. Must complete River Valleys’ onboarding process.
  • Practice welcoming and inclusive behavior toward people of all ages, races, religions, cultures, abilities, sexual orientation, gender, educational and economic backgrounds.
  • Committed to speak and act in a manner consistent with the Girl Scout Mission, Promise and Law.
  • Ability to organize materials and accurately maintain records.

Read the Registrar's Calendar


  • Encourage troops to register by the October 1 “on time” registration date so they do not miss out on any Girl Scout opportunities after October 1st.
  • Contact troops who have not re-registered
  • Attend New member event (if applicable) and provide current troop catalog openings as well as provide a current service unit troop roster including information on troops who are welcoming new girls


  • Send each troop their current roster and remind troops to register now rather than waiting until the start of the Cookie Program
  • Using the service unit report, ensure girls are registered as members to participate in the Cookie Program


  • Remind each troop that all cookie sellers must be registered and all TCM’s must be registered and have completed a background check.
  • Compare eBudde reports to membership reports and follow up with any troops that have unregistered girl cookie sellers


  • Compare eBudde reports to membership reports and follow up with any troops that have unregistered girl cookie sellers
  • Promote and encourage Early Registration
  • Connect with all troops about their status for the coming year and submit disband forms as needed
  • Distribute early bird registration patches


  • Attend service unit plan of work meeting
  • Remind existing troops who did not register early to do so now. Offer to assist where needed.
  • Encourage troops that are open to welcoming new members, to complete the online troop catalog update form, to be added to the troop catalog
  • Work with the SU recruiter to ensure each troop has 2 leaders and a Troop Cookie Manager (TCM)

Year Round Duties

  • Attend service unit team meetings
  • Review service  unit report and submit changes as needed to
  • Provide registration updates to SUM or at leader meeting ( # of girls, adults, troops)
  • Update the service unit troop roster as new members join, or troops disband

Forms + Resources

Early Bird Registration Webinar (38:26)

Early Bird Resources

Spanish-Language Registration Forms