Event Coordinator

This position supervises the coordination of service unit events to ensure safety, risk management, adherence to policies and connection to Girl Scout Leadership Experience outcomes


  1. Work with the service unit manager to recruit volunteers/committees to plan, implement and evaluate Service Unit events.
  2. Coordinate and/or support all events held within the service unit, either by direct planning or by supervising and supporting other event volunteers.
  3. Work with event planning team to ensure events support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
  4. Ensure events are planned and implemented utilizing River Valleys’ Event Guide and Core Service Unit Event planning packets.
  5. Involve your service unit treasurer in all financial aspects of events.
  6. Ensure all applicable pre-and post-event paperwork is completed, submitted by deadline, and approved by your manager.
  7. Follow established council guidelines to remove barriers ensuring that events and facilities are open and accessible to all girls.
  8. Support and promote Planning Guides at the service unit and troop levels.
  9. Encourage leaders to participate in service unit and council-sponsored events.
  10. Attend regular service unit team and leader meetings, completing required position training, and participate in the creation of the annual service unit plan.
  11. Complete volunteer position training within the required timeframe.
  12. Follow all GSUSA and River Valleys policies, standards, and procedures.
  13. Promote and support River Valleys’ Family Fundraising Campaign, Fall Product Program and Cookie Program Activity in relationship to your volunteer position.


  1. Committed to speak and act in a manner consistent with the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law.
  2. Ability to organize and coordinate events/programs.
  3. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to lead.
  4. Ability to organize materials and accurately maintain records.
  5. Practice welcoming and inclusive behavior toward people of all ages, races, religions, cultures, abilities, sexual orientation, gender, educational, and economic backgrounds.

Forms and Resources

Find Event Coordinator forms on the Activity Planning and Approval page.