In Girl Scouting, the well-being of girls and their emotional and physical safety are always top priorities.

In this section, learn your responsibilities for keeping girls safe. Safety-Wise includes checklists and resources required for Girl
Scout activities.

This section includes a lot of vital information, so be sure to download the full version to keep as a reference.

Watch our Safety-Wise training video for more information.

Knowing Your Responsibilities

Learn the key responsibilities of all adult Girl Scouts, parents/guardians and girls.

Knowing How Many Volunteers You Need

Girl Scouts regulates specific minimum adult-to-girl ratios for all activities. Learn the rules and which adults can help you meet the minimum requirements.

Transporting Girls

Learn which adults can drive girls to trips and activities, and the use of private (owned or rented) and River Valleys’ vehicles. Also included is a checklist for all drivers to ensure passenger safety.

Approaching Activities

Learn the insurance and health information that you may need for your events and how to treat health information with privacy and sensitivity.

Providing Emergency Care

Know the requirements for adults’ first aid training, and get information on assembling first aid kits and how to report emergencies

Sleeping Arrangements for Troop + Service Unit Events

Find guidelines for how to arrange for chaperons and supervision of sleeping areas during overnight trips or sleepovers.

Using + Accessing the Safety Activity Checkpoints

Get guidance on how to use the Safety Activity Checkpoints for Girl Scout activities and learn which activities are only allowed with council approval and which are always off-limits.

Certificates of Insurance

River Valleys has Certificates of Insurance (COI) in place with program vendors, like horse stables and water parks.

  • Complete this online form to request a certificate of insurance. Contact us at 800-845-0787 if you are unclear if you need a COI.

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