Policies + Practices

Knowledgeable, well-trained and motivated volunteers are essential for Girl Scouting to accomplish its goals and objectives.

This section covers all of the policies, rules and standards that guide your volunteer experience.

This section includes a lot of key information, so be sure to download the full version to keep as a reference.

Definition of a Volunteer

This covers how volunteers are defined by River Valleys and why membership is required for adult volunteers.

Volunteers’ Rights + Responsibilities

This section includes responsibilities including confidentiality, dress code, training and volunteer management.

Climate + Safety

Here, we outline the culture that our volunteers build for girls. Learn guidelines for working with girls including prohibited behaviors, requirements for reporting abuse or neglect and background checks.

Discriminatory Harassment Policy

Learn how to identify and respond to discriminatory harassment.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Learn how to identify and respond to sexual harassment.

Conflict Management Policy

River Valleys’ staff members will work to resolve conflicts between volunteers and staff

Conflict of Interest Policy

Learn what constitutes a conflict of interest and what to report to River Valleys.

Download Volunteer Essentials “Section Six: Volunteer Policies, Standards and Practices”