Trips + Travel

These trainings and resources will help you have a safe and fun experience when planning overnights, camp-outs, and travel with your Girl Scouts.

Trips + Travel Training + Resources

Girls Cook In

Lead your troop through the process of safely preparing food using no-cook or indoor cooking methods. Gain tips and techniques on how to teach girls the steps of budgeting, menu planing, following safety guidelines, and making healthy food choices. Develop strategies for grocery shopping and for effective management of food preparation with the troop.

Download the Girls Cook In Self-Study Guide.

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Girls Sleep In

Learn to walk your troop through the process of planning and preparing for an indoor overnight adventure of up to two nights and three days. Understand what procedures and forms are required and how to use girl planning in preparing for an overnight.

Topics include girl readiness, progression, group living skills and safety guidelines for fireplace fires. You will also become familiar with River Valleys’ properties and policies, safety activity checkpoints, and Leave No Trace principles.

Download the Girls Sleep In Self-Study Guide.

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Planning Troop Travel?

Watch this video for tips and inspiration working with your girls to plan a Girl Scout adventure.

Troop Travel Resources

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These trainings were formerly known as “beyond the troop”.