Girls Sleep In

Learn to walk your troop through the process of planning and preparing for an indoor overnight adventure of up to two nights and three days. Understand what procedures and forms are required and how to use girl planning in preparing for an overnight.

Topics include girl readiness, progression, group living skills and safety guidelines for fireplace fires. You will also become familiar with River Valleys’ properties and policies, safety activity checkpoints, and Leave No Trace principles.

Required for: Volunteers whose troops are planning an indoor overnight activity that will last 1-2 nights, or whose troop is interested in reserving a River Valleys indoor facility, including troop houses, cabins, platform tents, tent cabins and yurts.
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: None
Materials to Bring: Printed copies of Safety-Wise.
When to Complete: As soon as girls are ready to begin planning the indoor overnight activity and before reserving a River Valleys indoor facility.
How often to Complete: Once

Ways to Complete