Girls Cook Out

Learn essential outdoor cooking skills including fire building methods, charcoal and camp stove cooking, outdoor dish-washing and sanitation methods, Leave No Trace Principles, basic knots and jackknife safety. Enjoy the hands-on experience of cooking a meal using different fuel sources and equipment such as one pot, box oven, and pie irons.

Required for: Volunteers whose troops are planning on preparing food using outdoor cooking methods, and troops who are reserving River Valleys’ outdoor cooking equipment.
Prerequisites: Girls Cook In
Duration: 3.5 hours
Cost: $10.00
Materials to Bring:
  • Printed copy of Safety-Wise
  • Mess kit containing a plastic or metal plate, cup, and silverware and a dunk (mesh) bag
When to Complete: As soon as girls are ready to begin planning the outdoor cooking activity and before reserving River Valleys’ outdoor cooking equipment
How often to Complete: Once