Camping Out

This two-day session (includes an overnight in tents) covers the information in the separate Girls Cook In, Girls Sleep In, Girls Cook Out, and Girls Sleep Out trainings.

Learn about River Valleys’ policies and sites, Leave No Trace principles, the proper care and use of tents, and the best gear for your trip. Learn how to plan, budget, and safely prepare food using both indoor and outdoor cooking methods. You will gain hands-on experience preparing food using a variety of different fuel sources and equipment including one pot, box oven, Dutch oven, and pie irons. Other essential food preparation skills include: basic knots, jackknife safety, and outdoor dish-washing and sanitation methods as discussed in safety activity checkpoints.

Note: When you register, please be sure to include any food allergies in the special needs section of the form.

Required for: Volunteers seeking to complete all of their outdoor training requirements and troops who are reserving River Valleys indoor and/or outdoor facilities or equipment.
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 2 days
Cost: $35.00
Materials to Bring:
  • Printed copy of Safety-Wise
  • Completed Health History Form
  • Mess kit containing a plastic or metal plate, cup, and silverware and a dunk (mesh)bag
  • River Valleys provides a limited number of tents, and you are invited to bring your own.
When to Complete: As soon as girls are ready to begin planning their indoor and/or outdoor cooking/overnight activity and before reserving a River Valleys indoor/outdoor facility and/or equipment.
How often to Complete: Once