Event Guides


Are you looking for fun ways girls can get together in your service unit or troop?

Use our event guides to plan events that will bring girls together to learn new skills, earn badges and awards, and have fun!

After choosing the guide for the event you would like to offer, get started with these event planning basics:

  • Get Help! Establish a committee(s) of volunteers to help execute planning tasks.
  • Secure a date, time, and location for the event.
  • Determine supplies and other event costs to develop a budget.
  • Create a registration form and promote the event.
  • Finalize event details and gather materials and supplies.
  • Enjoy your event–smile and have fun!

For detailed event planning information, use our full Service Unit Event Guide.


Event Guide Related Badges/Awards School Grade(s) Event Duration

Brownie First Aid Badge Day

After attending this program, you’ll be prepared when the unexpected happens, because you will know the basics of how to help someone who is sick or hurt.

  • Brownie: First Aid
2–3 2.5 Hours

Brownie Friendship

Help ensure Girl Scouts is a place where all girls feel accepted, making new friends while keeping old friends. Learn what makes a good friend and why they are important. Practice these skills through writing, art, discussion, and games.

  • Brownie: World of Girls Journey
2–3 2 hours

Cookie College

Enjoy a fun-filled day with great activities and ideas while learning skills to become a Cookie Super-Seller! Girls will have fun with interactive sales techniques as well as discovering their cookie talents. They will set goals, sample cookies, and learn how to actively promote their cookie business.

  • Cookie Activity Pin
  • Cadette: Think Big
  • Senior: My Portfolio
  • Ambassador: R&D
6–12 2+ hours

Cookies Rock

Get pumped up for this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program by learning skills to become a super-seller while having fun and rockin’ out with your friends. Play games, set goals, and refresh your money skills and cookie knowledge. Learn how to show the world what a cookie can do.

  • Cookie Activity Pin
  • Daisy: Count It Up Leaf
  • Daisy: Talk It Up Leaf
  • Brownie: Give Back
  • Brownie: Meet My Customers
  • Junior: Cookie CEO
  • Junior: Customer Insights
K–5 2 hours

Entertainment Technology Badge Day

Discover the science behind the world of entertainment. Use your imagination to create animated artwork and special effects. Dig into video game development, surf a sound wave, and take a ride into the science of amusement park rides. See how much fun you can have working in the entertainment industry.

  • Junior: Entertainment Technology
4–5 2 hours

Finding Common Ground Badge Day

Get to know someone different than you and uncover strategies for bringing people together.

  • Cadette: Finding Common Ground
6–8 2 hours

Home Scientist Badge Day

Learn about the chemistry in your kitchen, why you might get shocked walking across
carpet, and unfold the mystery of why something sinks or floats. Become a scientist for the day as you
conduct fun hands-on experiments.

  • Brownie: Home Scientist
2–3 2 hours

Junior First Aid Badge Day

Girl Scouts have a tradition of being prepared to help those in need. Advance your first aid skills and find out how to come to the rescue when people are ill or injured. Practice treating minor injuries and make your own first aid kit. Then, you’ll be more prepared to respond when the unexpected happens.

  • Junior: First Aid
4–5 3 hours

Playing the Past Badge Day

Dream up a character and get ready to bring history to life! Design your costume, experience life in a different time, have some old-fashioned fun, and then share what you learned from playing your character.

  • Junior: Playing the Past
4–5 2 hours

Practice with Purpose Badge Day

A great athlete is not born; a great athlete makes herself into one by hard work. Take this experience with you to inspire others and guide them to achieve a more active, healthy lifestyle. Game on!

  • Junior: Practice with Purpose
4–5 3 hours

Wizardly Science

Calling all Harry Potter fans and wishful wizards! Come for a magical day of experiments, potions, and wands. Learn basic scientific principles through fun and magic.

  • Junior: Get Moving! Journey
  • Junior: Flowers
  • Junior: Detective
4–5 3 hours