Informal Recognition

Though formal awards are nice, they are not the only form of important recognition. Informal recognition is equally as important. A simple thank you, compliment on Facebook, or a card are a few ways you can let a volunteer know their work matters. Formal awards are not meant to be used as an annual recognition for all volunteers. They are intended as a way to recognize and honor those volunteers who have truly gone “above and beyond” by providing exemplary, measurable service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Ways to Thank

Simple efforts like a verbal thanks, a thank you card or a compliment on Facebook can be great way to thank a volunteer. Here are more ideas:

  • Share their story with our communications team. We may feature them on our blog, social networks, and publications.
  • Send a thank you note
  • Give a gift – small, homemade gifts can be very meaningful
  • Provide mentoring opportunities
  • Develop their leadership skills
  • Share positive feedback
  • Be a professional reference
  • Recommend them on LinkedIn
  • Ask them to recruit others
  • Promote them to new roles

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