Adult Awards FAQ

What Are Adult Volunteer Awards?

These are formal awards designed by Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) or Girl Scouts River Valleys to recognize exemplary volunteer service that goes above and beyond what is expected in a volunteer role.

When Should Adult Awards Be Used?

Formal awards are to recognize exemplary service, not to recognize longevity. Nominate a volunteer when they have made significant, measurable contributions over the course of a project or year of service.

Use informal recognition ideas to honor or recognize annual service, good performance, and longevity.

Who Can Nominate a Volunteer for Awards?

All Girl Scout volunteers, girl members, and/or their families can submit a nomination. River Valleys’ staff may nominate a volunteer, but we strongly encourage Girl Scout members to nominate peers.

Note to service units: It is helpful if you designate a contact person in your service unit and instruct volunteers and families to include that person’s name on the nomination application under the “designated contact person” field.

How Are Awards Distributed?

The Appreciation Pin, Honor Pin and Thanks Badges are given at River Valleys’ annual meeting. The nominator and/or recipients may also choose to present the awards at a local event.

All other awards are presented locally. Adults eligible to receive Membership Numerals and Years of Service pins have the option to receive the awards at a River Valleys’ spring alumnae event, at local events, or via mail.

When Are Nominations Due?

River Valleys accepts nominations for the Appreciation Pin, Honor Pin, and Thanks badges year-round, and the award committee reviews nominations twice per year. Submit nominations by January 31 for service completed in the previous program year (October 1 – September 30) for year-end review and by June 30 for mid-year review.

Nominations for all other adult awards are dependent on the date of local recognition events:

  • April event: Due March 15
  • May event: Due April 15
  • June event: Due May 15

Can Awards Only Be Earned Once?

No, formal awards are meant to recognize exemplary service rather than longevity. River Valleys reviews each nomination carefully, and awards may be given more than once if the volunteer meets the specific award criteria.

Do Any Awards Honor Service in the Current Program Year?

Nominations received by June 30 can be for service completed in the current program year. Since River Valleys’ awards committee reviews nominations twice per year, nominations received after July 1 will not be reviewed until the following January.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Receive my Years of Service Pin?

River Valleys provides 20+ year pins to volunteers based on their membership information. In the spring, you will be invited to attend a spring alumnae event to receive your pin, or you may choose to receive it locally or via mail. Send any questions to

Volunteers who would like 5-15 year pins may purchase them from their local Girl Scouts shop or our online shop.

Where Can I Find Nomination Forms?

Find nomination forms, endorsement questionnaires and specific award information in each awards packet, found on our Adult Awards page.

What Help Is Available?

Contact or call 800-845-0787 with questions or to discuss which award is most appropriate for a volunteer.

The adult award and recognition committee members are also able to provide service units and recognition coordinators with a tutorial on adult volunteer awards. Contact to arrange a visit or call.