River Valleys’ delegates have activities throughout the year.

Schedule Delegate Activity
April through September
  • Election of all council delegates
  • Delegate names due to River Valleys by September 15
September and October
  • Once elected, each delegate and alternate delegate should complete the delegate information form and submit to River Valleys by September 15
  • For newly elected delegates serving for the first time or delegates that have served since 2008 but have NOT completed training, complete the online training.
  • Participate in a delegate dialogue near your service area or via webinar. The focus of these sessions will be on River Valleys’ vision for the future and will engage, inform, and prepare delegates for their duties
Throughout the year
  • Attend delegate dialogues in order to represent the views of Girl Scouts in your service unit and to gather information to report back to your service unit.
  • Attend any additional Member meetings
  • Relay summary of meetings to volunteers in delegate region/community
  • Support decisions made at River Valleys’ Annual Meeting and report back
    to community.
  • Actively listen to Girl Scouts (girls and adults) in your service unit and represent their collective voices to the River Valleys’ Board and staff.