Delegates and alternate delegates serve as the primary communication link between area Girl Scout members, community networks and River Valleys’ Board of Directors, and they elect our local representatives and national council delegates.

If you have any questions about Delegates, please email us or call 800-845-0787.

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Delegate Dialogues

River Valleys holds delegate dialogues quarterly to bring delegates together with the council membership. Delegates speak with our community on strategic issues and hear membership’s input on the future of our council. Find events in your area and register to attend to make your voice heard.

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Elections should be held between April and September for delegate positions for the following year. To determine the number of delegates/alternates allowed per service unit, refer to the Delegate Matrix.

Delegate Submission Form

  • Please provide your Service Unit number. Don't know your number? Look here.

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To ensure that each delegate/alternate delegate has the information needed to serve effectively, River Valleys recommends all delegates and alternates be trained before performing their duties at the Annual Meeting. If you completed delegate training prior to an Annual Meeting in 2008 through 2014, your training is complete.

After watching the video, you will be prompted to complete a short questionnaire to confirm completion. For questions regarding delegates, email

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Delegate Documents

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National Delegates

What is a National Delegate?

National delegates serve for three years and attend the National Council Session, a meeting of Girl Scouts nationwide, which happens every three years.

What do National Delegates Do?

National delegates attend the National Council Session and vote on measures as representatives of our council. They also generally participate in discussion session in the run-up to the National Council Session in order to better represent the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys.

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