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Volunteer Roles

From a few hours at one event to a long-term commitment to a troop, hundreds of GSRV volunteer opportunities await you. We are grateful your support.

  • Troop Leaders

    Work with other bright, creative people as a team to guide girls in growing leadership skills and having fun. A troop leader coordinates and organizes the meeting activities, works with girls and engages families.

  • Co-op Troop Leader

    Adults in a Co-op troop leader role partner to share responsibility and leadership for the meeting activities and troop support roles with other co-op troop leaders. Learn more on our sharable card.

  • Troop Family + Friends

    Support the girls’ experience by working with the troop leaders as a team to help with troop activities. Tasks can include assisting with field trips, managing troop records, facilitating or helping with general meeting activities.

  • Cookie Managers

    Coordinate the Cookie Program at a troop level with tasks including managing inventory, organizing cookie booths, ordering girl rewards and collecting money.

  • Delegates

    Delegates are elected as part of the governance process to represent the service unit (a local geographic subdivision of the council) in a policy influencing role. Delegates have an interest in policy, bylaws and influencing the decisions and activities of the council.

  • Service Unit Volunteers

    Support and mentor adult volunteer members in your service unit (a local geographic subdivision of the council) while maintaining local connections and visibility in your community.