Become a Volunteer

Ready to get started as a Girl Scouts River Valleys volunteer?

Volunteer Process

Whether you are a new volunteer or if you are adding a new role, begin the process here. You will then be directed to complete the following steps:

1. Select a Role

You can browse the volunteer opportunities in your area or for a particular troop. If you’re not sure which opportunity to choose, select “Unsure”, and we’ll help you find the right one for you. Learn more about our most common roles:

2. Become a Member

Next, you will provide us with some more detailed information about you and pay the national membership dues of $15. Dues support the national Girl Scouts organization, covers you under our liability insurance, and supports the research and program development our local council relies upon.

3. Background Check

Because you’ll be working directly with youth, this step is required. This will take a few days to process, and we cover the expenses.

4. Online Orientation

This video will provide you with a brief overview of our organization, mission and the tools you will be using as a volunteer.

Looking for the orientation video?

Volunteers who need to complete this step can find this video when they log into the Girl Scout Member Community.