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Introducing a Super Cookie Lineup

Starting with the 2014 Cookie Program, River Valleys will be offering the Super Six—a premium selection of the best-selling Girl Scout Cookies. This means Girl Scouts will be selling the ...more Introducing a Super Cookie Lineup

Head and shoulders photo of Elaine, smiling.

Girl Scout Celebrates 50 Years of Membership

Growing up in the 1950s as the oldest girl of seven children in southern Indiana meant Elaine Orlando’s days were full of family responsibilities, leaving little time for her to ...more Girl Scout Celebrates 50 Years of Membership


Troop Management + Registration Upgrades

eBiz, our troop management and registration site, will be down August 9 at 4pm through August 13 at 7am to accommodate system upgrades. When you log into the system after ...more Troop Management + Registration Upgrades

Nancy with troop

Leading Girls for 11 Years + Beyond

When Nancy Bollweg’s daughter first enrolled in Girl Scouts, her troop was in need of another leader. Nancy graciously volunteered to help lead the group of Girl Scout Daisies. It ...more Leading Girls for 11 Years + Beyond

Doug with his daughter

A Girl Scout Family

Since Doug Kleist and his wife Julie have two daughters who are active in Girl Scouts, a daughter who is a Girl Scout alumna and a son who is a Boy ...more A Girl Scout Family

Two women sitting at a table

Attend a Combined SUMIT/Town Hall Meeting

Make your voice heard and register for a SUMIT and/or Town Hall Meeting in May. All service team members are encouraged to attend the 6 pm SUMIT* for networking and ...more Attend a Combined SUMIT/Town Hall Meeting

Volunteer group photo

Lakamaga Conference—Participant Perspectives

Christine and Liz have both participated in the Lakamaga Adult Education Conference, and they were happy to share highlights from their experiences. Christine Pearson Christine will be attending the Lakamaga ...more Lakamaga Conference—Participant Perspectives

Donna McIntosh

A Teacher Brings Her Talents to Girl Scouts

Every Tuesday after a full day of teaching at Hazel Park Preparatory Academy, Donna McIntosh switches from her role as an art teacher to a Girl Scout troop leader. Donna ...more A Teacher Brings Her Talents to Girl Scouts

Karen Cady-Davis

Finding Community Through Volunteerism

As the new person in town six years ago, Karen Cady-Davis wanted to get acquainted with her new Rochester community by volunteering. Since she wasn’t sure where to get involved, ...more Finding Community Through Volunteerism

Early Bird Patch

Early Bird Registration 2014

The hummingbird is here for 2014 Early Registration until May 31, 2013. All girls and adults who participate in Early Registration this year will receive the Early Bird Patch featuring ...more Early Bird Registration 2014