Safe Selling Tips

Girl Scout Cookies

Selling Girl Scout cookies is a fun way to develop skills that will last a lifetime; however there are some safety guidelines that all girls need to follow to have a secure and successful sale. Show you’re a Girl Scout. Wear your Girl Scout membership pins and/or Girl Scout clothing to identify yourself as a […]

What Activities Are Not Approved in Safety-Wise?

The following activities are never allowed for any Girl Scout: Potentially uncontrolled free-falling (bungee jumping, hang gliding, parachuting, parasailing and trampolining) Shooting a projectile at another person (such as paintball) Flying in noncommercial aircraft, such as small private planes, helicopters, sailplanes, untethered hot-air balloons and blimps Creating extreme variations of approved activities (such as high-altitude […]

Safety Training Requirements + Activity Checkpoints

Some volunteer-led activities require the leaders to complete safety training, such as First Aid or CPR. If you’re planning an activity, review the Activity Checkpoint for the activity you are planning to find out what training you need. Many Red Cross Chapters offer First Aid, CPR, and other safety training. For example, the St. Croix […]

Summertime Activities

As troops prepare for summertime activities, remember to check out the Safety Activity Checkpoints. For example, the Swimming Safety Activity Checkpoint is where you find information about swimming and water parks. Please note: the adults who attend with the girls act as watcher during swimming and water park activities. Included in the safety checkpoint is […]

When is a Certificate of Insurance Requested for an Activity?

When River Valleys works with a program vendor such as a horseback riding stable, or a water park, we request that they provide us with a certificate of insurance (COI) for our files. The COI is an indicator that they are a business in good standing and have risk management practices in place. We generally […]