Girl Scouts on the Go Van

Thank you for your interest in having the Girl Scouts on the Go van in your community’s parade! We are happy to consider all requests, which we will honor on a first-come, first-served basis, based on staff availability and limited to one parade per weekend. Our van is housed in Mankato, so parades must be within 100 miles of Mankato. Our staff will drive the van, however we will not pull floats. All we ask is that you round up your girls to march with us—we can even provide tattoos for them to hand out!

Requests must be completed at least two weeks prior to the parade entry submission deadline for us to consider your request. We’ll fill out all the necessary paperwork and cover the cost of the parade entry fee.

Contact Tracey Jeffrey at or 763-971-4078 if you would like more information.

NOTICE: All parade slots are filled for Summer 2016. We will consider requests to use the van for parades in Summer 2017 after January 1, 2017.