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Posting + Comment Policy

Our blog is a place to share all the great things happening around the council – stories about girls’ activities and accomplishments, community and council resources, volunteers who do amazing work, and tips and tricks for delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Council staff members regularly update the blog. We also welcome contributions from girls, volunteers, and families. If you’d like to submit a story, send it to communications@girlscoutsrv.org. Not all submissions will be published, but many will.

Articles should be between 50 and 300 words, and pictures are encouraged. If you have any questions, drop us a line. We’re happy to help.

Commenting policy

We encourage your participation and feedback on this blog, and all viewpoints are welcome. When posting comments, keep in mind the Girl Scout Law, and please be “honest and fair” and “considerate and caring” in your remarks.

We appreciate honest dialogue, but we do reserve the right to remove comments that directly violate the Girl Scout values of kindness and respect.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, or if you feel these values have been violated, please contact communications@girlscoutsrvorg.