How to Renew Your Family

Thanks to recent upgrades to our membership, it’s easier than ever before to renew your membership online. This guide walks you through the process of renewing your family online.

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Log into the Girl Scout Member Community

Click here to access the login page for the Girl Scout Member Community – a link is also found at the bottom right corner of each page of this website. Your username is the email at which you receive your Girl Scout Communications. Use the “Forgot Your Password” link if you needed. Contact us online or call 800-845-0787 if you need further assistance getting logged in.

Renew Membership for Family Members

Once you log into the Community, you will be on the “Membership” tab, which shows the members of your family with Girl Scout history, and which troops with which they are affiliated.

  1. Make sure to start by changing your view from “Current Year” to “Next Year” at the top right.
  2. Then choose which family members are renewing, and which roles they’re renewing. Click Continue to move to the next step.
    • If you want to leave a role or troop, choose “Do Not Renew” for that option.
    • If you aren’t sure, you can choose “I’ll Decide Later” and move ahead renewing your other roles.
    • Adults will see an option to choose Lifetime Membership.
    • If you see “Inactive” or “Contact Council” for a role you would like to renew, please contact the council.
  1. After you click “Continue”, you will be asked to confirm your family’s acceptance of the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Check the acceptance box, and then click “Continue”.
  2. Next, you will be brought to the payment page.
    • You may add a donation to your order to help keep Girl Scouting accessible to all girls.
    • Adults who chose “Renew” on the front page will be given the option again here to upgrade to lifetime membership.
    • Check the “Request Aid” box to request financial assistance in paying membership dues for any family member (not available on lifetime memberships).


  1. After clicking “Continue” on the previous screen, you are asked to confirm your purchase. Click “Submit” if everything is correct.


  1. You will then go to a screen thanking you for renewing your membership. You will receive an email shortly confirming your renewal.


Add New Member to Household

If you need to add a new adult or girl to this household, you can do that easily from within the Member Community.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Membership tab to the “ADD A NEW MEMBER” section. Select either Girl or Adult and click “Go”.


  1. The next screen will vary depending on your selection. (Click images for larger versions.) Fill out these fields as completely as possible.
    • If you select Adult, you will have the option to register as a volunteer or only as a member. If you select the second, member-only option, you will bypass the next screen and go straight to step 4.
  1. You will next be brought to the opportunity catalog. (Click images for larger versions.)
    • If a girl, choose a troop that will work for your family, or choose a placement bucket with titles like “New Kindergarteners” and River Valleys staff will be in touch to help you find a new troop..
    • If an adult, choose the role you would like, or choose either “I want to lead her troop” or Unsure and the placement team will follow-up.
  1. You will next be brought to the membership screen to enter the rest of the contact information necessary for Girl Scout Membership. (Click images for larger versions.)
    • Be sure to choose the correct membership year.
    • Choose “Valid 10/1/2015–9/30/2016” if you are interested in participating in summer activities like camp. You will need to purchase 2017 membership in October.
    • Choose “Valid 10/1/2016-9/30/2017” if you are interested in participating in the upcoming school year.
  1. Next, you will accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law for the new household member.


  1. Then you will arrive at the payment screen.
    • There is an option to add a donation to the transaction (disappears if financial aid is requested).
    • If adding an adult member, you will see an option to purchase a lifetime membership.
    • If financial aid is requested, they will skip the next screens and arrive directly at the “Thank You” page, step 8.


  1. You must next confirm the purchase before completing the transaction.


  1. You will see a “Thank You” page after completing the transaction.


Update Family Contact Information

Families now have the ability to edit contact information themselves within the Member Community. Here’s how:

  1. From the Membership tab of the Member Community, click “Edit Profile Details For/Of Household Members”. You can also click on the “Family Profile” from any area of the Member Community.


  1. Click “Edit” next to each household member you would like to edit. Information must be updated separately on each member’s record – nothing is automatically applied across the household.


  1. On the next screen, you can edit most information that we have for members. The following fields are not editable in the Member Community – please contact the council for help:

    • Girl: Gender, Date of Birth, Grade
    • Adult: Date of Birth


  1. Click “Save”, and you will see a confirmation screen.

Offline Renewal

We hope that you will try the newly upgraded online renewal system. Here are membership forms that you can print and send in by mail if that is your preference:

Do not email copies of registration forms to River Valleys or GSUSA. Mail your paper registration forms to:

Girl Scouts River Valleys
Registration Department
400 South Robert Street
St. Paul, MN 55107

Please do not mail cash.