Renew Your Membership Today!

Join us for another great year of Girl Scouting! We’re busy planning lots of exciting things for the upcoming Girl Scout year and we want you to be a part of it all.

Troop leaders who are planning to renew their troop’s memberships have until September 30, 2016 (the last day of the 2015-2016 Girl Scout membership year). After that date, families will need to renew their girl’s membership individually. Register online today or give us a call 800-845-0787.

Types of Renewal + How To

Individual + Family Renewal

Log in to the Girl Scout Member Community to update your information and renew your membership. Use this guide if you would like help renewing your family.

Troop Leader Renewal

Troop Leaders renew their girls’ memberships in the Girl Scout Member Community too. Use this guide if you would like help renewing your troop.

Renewal Q+A

  • Who can register?
    • Troop leaders can register members of their troop (girls and adults)
    • Families can register all members of their family in a single transaction
    • Individuals can register themselves
  • How?
  • How do I log-in and/or reset my password?
    Log in using the email address you use most frequently with Girl Scouts. To access the registration site all members will need to reset their password by clicking “Forgot Password”. You will then receive an email from “Member Community” with a link to reset your password. If you have trouble logging in contact River Valleys and we’ll help you out.
  • How much does it cost to renew?
    The cost of 2017 membership is $15.
  • How does financial assistance work for renewal?
    Girls and adults who are requesting financial assistance will need to register individually. Troop leaders cannot request financial assistance on behalf of a girl.
  • Can I use Cookie Credits?
    Girls can use cookie credits for their membership fee! Girls who utilize cookie credits for membership will need to complete renewal on paper. Please contact us to request a paper form.
  • What if my troop is disbanding?
    Please let River Valleys know if your troop is disbanding by completing the Troop Disband Form.
  • Adult registering for more than one troop
    All current volunteer positions, including all troop and service unit positions will auto populate during the volunteer renewal. If a volunteer has positions with more than one troop they will also show up. If a troop doesn’t show up please finish registering and then contact River Valleys.
  • Volunteer Roles
    • If you do not see your volunteer role(s) please finish registering and then contact River Valleys. We can easily assign your volunteer role after you have registered.
    • If you are changing your volunteer role or adding an additional role please finish registering and then contact River Valleys. You can change or add roles using the Member Information Change form on our website.
  • Missing Members/Incomplete List
    Girls who did not have a 2016 membership or were not listed with your troop will not appear on the renewal page. If you see a troop member is missing they can register themselves, or you can contact River Valleys to register them with your troop. Be sure to provide the member’s name, email address, birthdate and/or grade in Fall of 2016.
  • How do I change personal and/or troop information?
    Use our Contact Form to let us know. You can tell us if a girl is transferring in or out of your troop, update a girl’s grade or school, change an address, and more.
  • Background checks
    • Adult Girl Scout members holding a River Valleys volunteer role are required to complete a background check every three years. The background check is at no cost to the volunteer and is completed online. Following the completion of 2017 membership all volunteers who have not completed a background check in previous years, or have not completed a background check in the past three years will be asked to complete a background check.
    • Volunteers completing the background check will receive two emails, one from River Valleys and one from the background check vendor, including specific directions on completing the background check.
  • 12th Grade Ambassadors bridging to adults
    12th grade Ambassador Girl Scouts will receive a direct mailing in May providing them with information on registering as an adult Girl Scout for 2017 or as a lifetime member. A special lifetime membership at the reduced cost of $195 (13 times the annual dues) is offered to girls who are registered Girl Scouts at the time of their high school graduation, provided they apply for lifetime membership before September 15, 2016. River Valleys will also be providing an additional $15 discount coupon which can be applied to the lifetime membership or to the 2017 adult registration fee.