Ways to Be a Girl Scout

Today’s Girl Scouts have more choices and ways to participate than ever before. Girls can have the traditional troop experience or mix and match activities to suit their schedule and interests.

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Be a Juliette and Design Your Own Program

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Why Should I Become a Juliette?
There are many advantages to participating in Girl Scouts as a Juliette. Juliettes:

  • Gain leadership experience.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in all Girl Scout activities individually, so they can tailor their experience.
  • Create a well-rounded Girl Scout experience by completing the planning guide for their grade-level, on their own time.
  • Serve their community through individual community service projects and Take Action projects.

What Can a Juliette Do?
Juliette Girl Scouts can do anything Girl Scouts in a troop can do. Juliettes can Discover, Connect, and Take Action when they:

  • Complete Girl Scout Journeys + Badges

    Girls can choose from three different Journey books at each program grade level. Journeys guide girls towards becoming a leader in their community. Juliettes can also earn badges, which include a variety of skill-building activities, many of which compliment the Journeys.

  • Attend Girl Scout Events + Activities

    Juliettes can meet other girls in their area while completing Journeys, earning badges, or learning more about the outdoors at council-sponsored events. Service Units also offer many events and service opportunities, which are great for Juliettes to meet other Girl Scouts in their area.

  • Help Others Through Community Service

    Part of the Girl Scout Law is to “make the world a better place”. Juliettes can work on their own or with their Girl Scout community to carry out this Girl Scout tradition. Juliettes can also pass along what they’ve learned, gain leadership skills, and earn special mentoring awards by helping younger Girl Scouts at troop meetings, events, camp, and more.

  • Participate in the Cookie Program and Snacks + Magazines

    Juliettes can fund their Girl Scout activities while learning great business skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Learn more about Cookies and Snacks + Magazines.

  • Earn Girl Scouting’s Highest Awards

    The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards are the highest awards in Girl Scouting. Juliettes can earn these awards by leading a take-action project to improve their local community

  • Travel with Girl Scout destinations

    Juliettes can experience leadership opportunities and cross-cultural understanding through regional, national, and international travel.

What Is a Juliette Girl Scout Mentor?
A Girl Scout Juliette Mentor is a parent or trusted adult who guides a Juliette through her experience. A Mentor should:

  • Register as an adult member of Girl Scouts.
  • Seek out and relay information and opportunities for their girl.
  • Help their girl plan her Girl Scout year using the Planning Guides.
  • Connect with their service unit team for wider opportunities for their girl.
  • Follow Girl Scout policies, including safety guidelines, to keep their girl safe.
  • Connect with other Mentors in their service unit.

What Resources Are Available for Juliettes?
We provide many online resources to help Juliettes and their mentors plan a great year:

  • Planning Guides

    These grade-based guides outline all Girl Scout Activities available and provide plans for creating a well-rounded Girl Scout experience.

  • Online Trainings

    We provide volunteers with convenient, online trainings to help them give girls the best experience possible.

  • River Valleys’ Events

    Find all of Girl Scouts River Valleys’ events and camps, so you can connect with other Girl Scouts.

  • Additional Volunteer Resources

    Find other resources like field trip opportunities and equipment and tools you can check-out for your activities

  • Staff Support

    Juliettes and their mentors can also reach out to our Troop Support department to reach grade-level experts to help you get started or grow along your way.

  • Juliette Program Credits

    Girl Scout Juliettes earn program credits from participating in the Cookie Program and the fall Snacks + Magazines sale. They can use these credits at River Valleys’ shops, camps, or to register for events.

Join Girl Scouts as a Juliette

It’s easy to become a Girl Scout Juliette! Just visit our registration site, provide a bit of information about yourself, and select “Juliette” as your troop/activity.

Attend Events and Meet Unique Challenges

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