The Girl Scouts destinations program is your chance to go somewhere new, do something different, and meet people from everywhere you can imagine.

Which Travel Experience Interests You?

International: Events outside of the U.S.
Outdoors: Ranges from learning outdoor skills to Outward Bound challenges on land or sea.
Science: Takes science to a new level. Learn animal behavior or what a doctor’s life is like.
People: Visit cities and countrysides, so you can experience the culture of new places.
Apprenticeships: Give hands-on, real-life experience in a potential career field.
Getaways: Two to four-day events all over the country, that don’t require the Girl Scout destinations application. Learn more about these trips from Girl Scouts USA.

Applying for destinations

  1. Visit Girl Scouts USA’s destinations to learn more about travel experience options.
  2. Search for events by date, category, age, location and keyword.
  3. Select four top choices. You can apply for any trip that is not listed as full.
  4. Download and complete the destinations application form for each event you want to attend (up to four). It’s up to you. If you are selected for more than one, you may choose your favorite or go attend them all.
  5. Print two copies of the reference form and ask two people who know how awesome you are to fill them out. You can use the same letters of reference for all of your applications.
  6. Send your application to:
    Girl Scouts River Valleys
    5601 Brooklyn Blvd
    Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
  7. General deadlines are as follows:
    • First round applications due mid-November with details sent upon acceptance, by mid-January
    • Second round applications due early February with details sent upon acceptance, by early March.
    • Beginning mid-February, applications are accepted on a rolling basis with details sent upon acceptance, within 2 – 4 weeks.

Financial assistance may be available to help you participate in the adventure of your choice.

Call 800-845-0787 or email if you have questions! We are here to help you.

Go on your destination. Bon voyage!