Community Cleanup

In the fall of 2013, Girl Scouts River Valleys, continued the success of the Centennial Day of Service with the generous support from 3M and consultation from expert partners such as the Freshwater Society and Friends of the Minnesota Valleys, River Valleys will be continuing the success of last year’s Centennial Day of Service.

Complete the Water Quality Troop Activities for Your Program Grade Level

Community Cleanup for Water Quality is more than just cleaning up leaves. It’s an opportunity to learn the importance of water quality, to protect and restore local water resources, and to raise community awareness. If your troop is not already working on water quality activities, don’t delay.

Leaves + Water = Algae = Dead Fish

Leaves, grass and pet waste release phosphorous into our lakes and rivers, which feeds algae. When this kind of organic debris isn’t bagged and properly composted, it runs through storm drains and directly into our waterways, turning clear water green. This depletes the oxygen in the water and makes it hard for fish and other wildlife to survive.

Plan for your troop to help clean up your community and do their part to improve water quality.