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Grades + Levels

From kindergarten through 12th grade, whether you’re in a troop or exploring other Girl Scout options, your events and activities are designed to support you by grade-by-grade.

Daisy Girl Scouts

Daisy: Grades K-1

Get to know yourself and others as you participate in fun, enriching activities.

Learn more about Daisies.

Brownie Girl Scouts

Brownie: Grades 2-3

Expand your horizons and become a team player. Try new things together!

Learn more about Brownies.

Junior Girl Scouts

Junior: Grades 4-5

Share your growing skills with the larger community. Explore new ideas and challenge yourself.

Learn more about Juniors.

Cadette Girl Scouts

Cadette: Grades 6-8

Learn healthy life skills with friends old and new.

Learn more about Cadettes.

Girl Scout Seniors

Senior: Grades 9-10

Become an advocate in the community, mobilize others, and solve problems creatively.

Learn more about Seniors.

Girl Scout Ambassadors

Ambassador: Grades 11-12

Refine leadership skills, increase your independence, and plan for your future.

Learn more about Ambassadors.