Girl Leadership Board


About The Board

The Girl Scouts River Valleys Membership Engagement Committee, chaired by Beth Voermans, identified the formation of a Girl Leadership Board as their major 2015 initiative. They recognized that in order to have a truly girl-led organization, girls needed to be a central part of charting the course for River Valleys’ future, and we couldn’t agree more!

The committee began laying the foundation for this board in November 2015 by hosting a retreat for River Valleys Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors from across the council. The response to their invitation was overwhelming. 133 Girl Scouts (from 44 different service units) attended the C3 Retreat where they participated in adventuresome activities and provided feedback about what a girl board might look like and their hopes for River Valleys.

During the 2016 Annual Meeting, held on January 30 in Rosemount, Minnesota, girl members gathered to participate in a Girl Summit, led by girl delegates – Piper Dutton and Molly Carroll. During this summit, these girls made progress on the development of the Girl Leadership Board by participating in discussions and activities aimed at identifying the purpose of the board and its nomination and selection criteria. These girls brought forth great suggestions for who should serve on the board and what it should look like:

  • “Someone who can model and embody the values of Girl Scouts and represent the image of what Girl Scouts stands for to the community.”
  • “They should be responsible, self-reliable, and self-assertive.”
  • “Get a variety of diverse voices with different things to bring to the table.”

Join Us!

If you are a Senior or Ambassador (grades 9-12) at River Valleys, we welcome you to apply below for the Girl Leadership Board. As a member of the board, you’ll be a voice, leader, and advocate for the 32,000 girls we serve. You’ll meet once a month during the year-long commitment.