Troop Catalog Update

We encourage troops that can welcome new girls to share their information so we can expand opportunities for new girls.

Catalog updates will apply to the upcoming membership year. You will receive an email confirmation upon submitting.

  • Grade as of fall 2015.

  • Meeting Details

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  • Let new families know what they can expect if they join your troop. Parents love to know what sorts of activities your girls prefer, if you go to camp together, etc.

  • Troop Description Samples

    Expand the sections below to read sample descriptions. Feel free to copy from these samples to help build your troop's description.

    Sample Generic Description
    This is an established Girl Scout troop that meets regularly through the school year. Troops are encouraged to choose badges, awards, and activities that give girls a broad experience. Girls will build life skills as they gain new friends.

    Sample Artistic Troop
    We are an artistic troop that loves to be creative! In addition to pursuing our leadership and service activities, the girls tend to pursue the more artistic badges and projects. We tend to take a break each summer, resuming in the fall.

    Sample Outdoorsy Troop
    Our troop loves the outdoors! We make sure to go to camp at least once during the school year – at least for day events if not an overnight. We also go to camp together each summer, and have a goal to sell enough cookies for horse camp this year.

    We meet right after school, so the times sometimes flex due to travel and the girls' schedules.

    Sample Sporty Troop
    Our troop’s girls are very active with school sports and choose Girl Scout activities that supplement those interests. We go to camp each year, and the girls favor the health and activity badges. We also love to attend the “Girl Scout Nights” with our local sporting teams.

    Sample Science-Loving Troop
    This troop loves science! The girls love working on the STEM badges, and we plan to go to Robotics Camp together this summer. The girls also have a passion for improving our community, and we’ll be working on our Bronze Award this year.
  • Troop Leader Information

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