Girl Scouts can earn many fun and functional items through their participation in Snacks + Magazines. All rewards are cumulative and only offered at the specified levels.

Nut + Magazine Rewards

Participate in Snacks + Magazines

Each girl who participates in Snacks + Magazines will receive a free Timberwolves ticket (with paid, discounted adult ticket). Adult tickets start are $25, $45, or $80 depending on section chosen by the family. Forms to order tickets will be included with the girl rewards that are delivered in mid November.

Girls may choose one of the below games:

  • Friday, December 18 at 7 pm vs. the Kings
  • Sunday, January 17 at 2:30 pm vs. the Suns
  • Saturday, January 23 at 7 pm vs. the Grizzlies


Fall Product Online PatchSend 12 or more emails

Online patch


Custom giraffe patch$250+ in Total Online Sales

Custom giraffe patch


Magazine Rewards

Girls are rewarded for magazine sales with patches, fun items, and Fall FUNds.


Be Spotacular patch and bling clips

2 Magazine Items

Be Spotacular patch + bling hair pins


fall-product-year-patch3 Magazine Items

2015–16 patch


fall-product-small-giraffe4 Magazine Items

Mag Super Seller patch plus choice of small giraffe plush or $5 Fall FUNds


fall-product-giraffe-charm6 Magazine Items

Giraffe charm + bracelet or $5 Fall FUNds


fall-product-3d-popup8 Magazine Items

3D pop-up boutique or $5 Fall FUNds


fall-product-hairbrush10 Magazine Items

Scented hairbrush or $10 Fall FUNds


fall-product-lap-desk12 Magazine Items

Lap desk + nail art pens (color may vary) or $10 Fall FUNds


fall-product-tote15 Magazine Items

Bucket tote bag or $15 Fall FUNds


Claire's Gift20 Magazine Items

$25 Claire’s gift or $25 Fall FUNds


Snack Rewards

Girls are rewarded for snack (nut and chocolate) sales with patches, fun items, and Fall FUNds.


Reach New Heights patch12 Snack Items

Reach New Heights patch


Geek glasses backpack charm18 Snack Items

Geek glasses backpack charm


Sneaker key ring25 Snack Items

Sneaker key ring


Goal Achiever patch30 Snack Items

Goal Achiever patch


zipper purse35 Snack Items

Zipper purse or $5 Fall FUNds


Super Seller patch40 Snack Items

Super Seller patch


Sneaker necklace50 Snack Items

Sneaker necklace or $5 Fall FUNds


Bling watch60 Snack Items

Bling watch or $5 Fall FUNds


Bling headphones80 Snack Items

Bling headphones or $20 Fall FUNds


100 Club patch and Converse gift100 Snack Items

100 Club patch plus choice of $25 Converse gift or $25 Fall FUNds


Large giraffe and bling duffle135 Snack Items

Large giraffe plush + bling sleepover bag or $35 Fall FUNds