Girl Scouts can earn many fun and functional items through their participation in Snacks + Magazines. All rewards are cumulative and only offered at the specified levels.

Nut + Magazine Reward

Participate in Snacks + Magazines

Each girl who participates in Snacks + Magazines will receive a free Timberwolves ticket (with paid adult ticket) to their choice of the games listed below. Participation is defined as selling at least one item, sending 12 emails through the online program, or completing a Reach Out Booklet

  • Timberwolves vs. Indiana: Sunday, Dec. 21

  • Timberwolves vs. New Orleans: Friday, Jan. 23
  • Timberwolves vs. Memphis: Friday, Feb. 6

Total Sales of $1,250 or More

Ugg slippers* or iLive karaoke machine* or $75 Fall FUNds
*Color and model may vary

Top 3 Sellers

The top 3 sellers (defined by total dollars sold) will receive a deluxe Timberwolves package. More details to come.

Magazine + Photo Keepsake Rewards

Girls are rewarded for magazine and photo keepsake sales with patches, fun items, and Fall FUNds.

Two Magazine Items

Dive In patch

Four Magazine Items

Super Seller Mag patch plus choice of small plush or mini diary

Six Magazine Items

Twistable bracelet kit or $5 Fall FUNds

Eight Magazine Items

Friends necklaces

10 Magazine Items

Friends stuff case or $10 Fall FUNds

12 Magazine Items

Dry erase mirror or $10 Fall FUNds

15 Magazine Items

90 piece stationery set or otter long sleeve tee

Nut + Chocolate Rewards

Girls are rewarded for nut and chocolate sales with patches, fun items, and Fall FUNds.

12 Nut Items

Be Active patch

18 Nut Items

3 pack neon shoelaces

25 Nut Items

6 piece headband set

30 Nut Items

Goal Achiever patch

35 Nut Items

Hair chalk glitter stick or $5 Fall FUNds

40 Nut Items

Super Seller patch

50 Nut Items

Chalkboard nail art* or $5 Fall FUNds
*Color may vary

60 Nut Items

Rainbow zipper ruck sack or $5 Fall FUNds

80 Nut Items

Knit beanie hat kit or $10 Fall FUNds

100 Nut Items

Large plush and pillow or $25 iTunes gift card or $25 Fall FUNds