• Be a registered River Valleys’ adult volunteer, and honor and live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
  • Read and understand the Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook. Contact your service unit cookie manager or Product Program at with any questions.
  • Follow all policies and meet all deadlines.
  • Deposit cookie money promptly and frequently into your troop’s bank account.
  • Ensure your troop pays for all cookies received as indicated in the Sales Report tab in eBudde. When you pick up cookies, the troop assumes financial responsibility for the cookies.
  • Read The Smart Cookie and emails from council.
  • Treat service unit cookie managers respectfully at all times; like you, they are volunteers.

Essential Functions

Before the sale

  • Attend the in-person training provided by your service unit cookie manager. If you are a new troop cookie manager, you must also complete online training. If you are a returning troop cookie manager and are unable to attend the in-person training, you must complete the online training.
  • New this year: Enter your troop’s bank account and routing number in the Settings tab in eBudde.
  • Set the final family cookie return date. You must fill in this date on the Family Cookie Responsibility Forms.
  • Hold a family cookie meeting and obtain signed Family Cookie Responsibility Forms for each girl selling cookies.

During the sale

  • Maintain consistent communication with your service unit cookie manager regarding cookie inventory.
  • Ensure troop information in eBudde is accurate and up-to-date throughout the sale (allocate cookies to girls, confirm transactions are correct, and submit girl rewards order).
  • Establish a weekly cookie pickup schedule with families and communicate with them often.
  • Manage the troop’s inventory: cookie orders, weekly cupboard pickups and distribution.
  • Collect at least 50 percent of money due from families prior to distributing additional cookies to them and make frequent bank deposits (River Valleys recommends weekly deposits).
  • Maintain accurate records of inventory and money transactions with families by collecting signed receipts.
  • Coordinate troop Cookie Program activities such as booth sales, cookie donation program(s), and other troop activities.

After the sale

  • Collect all remaining money due from families.
  • Deposit money into your troop’s bank account on time, and complete and submit Collection Problem Report if necessary.
  • Distribute rewards to girls in a timely manner.
  • Keep troop records (cupboard receipts, bank receipts, etc.) until December 31, 2015.