Troop Cookie Managers

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Primary Responsibilities + Timeline


  • Ensure that you are a registered River Valleys’ volunteer with the troop cookie manager role assigned


  • Attend the in-person troop cookie manager training held by your service unit
  • Read and understand the Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook
  • Work with your troop leader to verify all girls in your troop are registered


  • Log in to the online cookie management system and complete your troop set up, including banking information
  • Complete the ACH Electronic Debit Authorization online form
  • Hold family cookie meeting, explain the Cookie Program to girls and families, set a firm cookie return date, and collect signed Family Cookie Responsibility forms
  • Place troop initial order
  • Sign up for cookie booths, if interested


  • Make sure girls/families are following the sales dates
  • Manage your troop’s cookie inventory including: picking up the initial order, distributing cookies to girls, visiting cookie cupboards for more cookies as needed, and redistributing cookies between girls as needed
  • Make weekly deposits of all cookie money collected into your troop’s bank account, and make sure to follow all banking deadlines
  • Maintain weekly schedules with families: picking up cookies, transferring cookies, collecting money
  • Keep the online cookie management system updated throughout the sale
  • Keep in contact with your service unit cookie manager by asking them questions, answering their emails, and asking for help such as if you feel that you will have too much cookie inventory
  • Enter troop reward order in online cookie management system


  • Pick up girl rewards from service unit cookie manager
  • Distribute rewards to girls
  • Complete the online Collection Problem Report, if needed

Additional Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Demonstrate the Girl Scout Promise and Law in your actions
  • Sign up and do not subscribe from our cookie newsletter, The Smart Cookie
  • Be knowledgeable, make sure you understand the Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook
  • Contact your service unit cookie manager if you have any questions
  • Distribute materials and rewards to the girls promptly and accurately
  • Understand the online cookie management system


Snap Resources

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Use the Cookie Swap Wiki to find troops near you that have or need cookies. (For volunteers only).

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  • 2017 sales data – will be updated throughout sale

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