ACH Electronic Debit Authorization

The ACH Electronic Debit (Withdrawal) Authorization form is to be used by Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys (GSRV) troops for processing ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits from their troop’s bank account to River Valleys’ Wells Fargo council account for the 2016-2017 Product Program season.

Troop acknowledges and agrees to:

  1. Submit authorization form (only ONE form is needed if you are participating in both Snacks + Magazines and Cookies) (one per troop) by:
    • October 1 for troops participating in Snacks + Magazines and by
    • January 12 for troops participating in the Cookie Program
  2. Share banking procedures and ACH information with all the adults responsible for Snacks + Magazines and/or Cookies.
  3. Read and understand thoroughly the ACH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Information can also be found in the 2016 Troop Guide for Snacks + Magazines, and the 2017 Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook for cookies.
  4. You must by October 1 for Snacks + Magazines and/or January 12 for Cookies:
    • Verify that correct troop bank account information has been uploaded.
    • Update if the bank account has changed.
    • Enter troop’s bank account information if you are a new troop.
  5. Deposit sufficient funds to cover the ACH debits at least three days before the deadlines.
    • GSRV will debit from the troop’s entered bank account according to procedures outlined in the ACH FAQ, Troop Guide, and Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook.
  6. Abide by the debit key dates and Collection Problem Report handling policies listed in the ACH FAQ, Troop Guide, and Troop Cookie Manage Guidebook.
  7. Authorize GSRV to repeat any debits that fail for any reason and be responsible for any insufficient funds bank fees related to the ACH debits.