Selling Tips

There are a variety of opportunities to sell cookies beyond door-to-door sales and cookie booths.


Get Creative!

Below are suggestions for selling cookies. Have ideas not covered here? Consider sharing them on our Facebook page or send them to to have your idea shared with fellow Girl Scouts.

  • Be sure to ask everyone if they would like to purchase Girl Scout Cookies. The number one reason people don’t buy cookies is because they were never asked.
  • Encourage customers to buy enough cookies to last until the following cookie season. A hot summer day is the perfect time for a frozen Thin Mint.
  • Always tell customers your goals for selling cookies. Decorate T-shirts, paint posters, or make signs explaining your goals.
  • Host a troop door-to-door sales party. Split into teams and walk door-to-door in designated neighborhoods, then meet as a troop to warm up and celebrate the troop’s success. Consider recognizing each team for a unique accomplishment: most cookies sold, most Samoas sold, best manners, best energy, etc.
  • Save your order cards from year-to-year and contact previous buyers first.
  • Offer Girl Scout Cookie recipes.