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Camp Staff’s Day

Are you curious about what your life is like as a camp staff member? Here’s a sample, but keep in mind, that the exact schedule will vary by camp and position.

A Day in the Life of Resident Camp Staff

Kitchen staff are up and working as early as 6:00 am.

Specialist, managers, and directors may be up early to prepare for an early morning activity or meeting.

Wake up is around 7:00 am. Counselors may need to set their alarm a few minutes earlier so they are ready to help girls get ready for the day. Girls wake up, get dressed, and head to a.m.

Breakfast is around 8:00 am. Each staff person will sit with campers to help them learn and use proper table manners, engage all girls in conversation, and develop camaraderie. Staff also ensure that campers are eating a well-balanced meal; one or two staff members sit with 6-10 campers.

After breakfast, we do flag raising and a quick daily staff meeting and then counselors lead groups of girls in completing kapers, or camp chores. These include tasks like restocking the wood pile, picking up litter, sweeping, emptying garbage, cleaning up cabins, and making the camp unit tidy and neat. Counselors participate right along with girls in completing the kapers and make it fun for all.

Program time. Staff organize and lead a variety of different activities for girls. Staff may be leading an activity they knew prior to arriving at camp, or may be leading something new.

Lunch is the same routine as breakfast. Table conversation, manners, etc., always making sure girls are eating a healthy well-rounded meal.

After lunch, camp quiets down for a bit. Rest hour is a time for girls to relax in their cabins, napping or doing a quiet individual activity. Checking in and ensuring girls are staying quiet is a
priority. This might be a time for staff to work on a lesson plan, paperwork, scheduling, and/or a new camp idea.

Afternoon brings more fun program time as well as an all camp activity time that might include open swim, walking, boating or other activities lead by all staff.

At dinner, staff makes sure girls are eating enough, not feeling homesick, and connecting with others at camp.

Evening activity might include an all camp; or unit activity, and more program time.

Once lights out time comes around, staff ensure that girls are ready for the night…teeth brushed, PJ’s on, tick check done, hair brushed… and staff winds down the excited group of eight
or so girls. Then it’s time for staff to turn in for the night and get re-energized to do it all over again the next day!

Even when sleeping, staff members in units need to be ready to handle home sick girls, night trips to the bathroom, and any other of the girls’ needs.

Counselors and specialists live in the cabins and work directly with girls. Specialists support all counselors in the unit with everything they do and counselors have direct responsibility for
the girls.

The focus of directors throughout the day is to provide daily support, guidance, and structure to staff, girls, and the schedule.

Taking a Break and Time Off

The summer camp staff experience is very intense, with limited personal time. Camp staff members enjoy up to two hours off every day which is spent in camp and one day off each week.

Days off may be spent in or out of camp. Many staff members work together to plan activities or outings to local destinations on their day off.

Each Girl Scout camp has access to the Internet for staff members, but time is very limited. Phone use is for emergencies only. Staff may bring their own cell phones, but use is limited to when staff members are on their time off, only. All staff are asked not to have their cell phones in front of campers at anytime.