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Camp Staff Positions

Below is a summary of the different kinds of camp positions that we generally have available. Positions for the 2013 year will be posted in the spring.

  • All staff members must be at least 18 years of age by the start of the camp season and live on-site unless otherwise noted
  • Weekly pay rates are based upon the staff member’s individual certifications and experience related to the position.
  • Compensation also includes room and board and workers compensation insurance.
  • Staff will have 1 day off each week with additional time off as the schedule permits.


Camp Counselors

Counselors: $250-300/week

Work with a group of 8-10 girls they will oversee for their camp stay. Counselors must have the ability to learn new skills and have a passion to work directly with girls.

Program Counselors

Orient and welcome all girls to camp and help each girl plan her schedule. You ensure girls get up each morning, eat at each meal, have fun, participate in a variety of activities and stay healthy, safe and happy while at camp. You must have the ability to learn new skills in many different areas and have a passion to work directly with girls.

Riding Counselors

Riding Counselors have similar duties as Program Counselors but their schedules are based around horses. Lead girls in the riding program, assist teaching horse lessons and assist the riding specialists with horse care and barn upkeep. You should have some background in horse care and horseback riding and will get to utilize and learn new skills from a variety of other camp programs.

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Camp Art Specialist

Specialists: $250-300/week

Specialists develop and deliver camp activities and provide support to counselors. They have an in-depth knowledge in their area, and a passion for teaching it to girls.

Art Specialist

Art projects are a favorite at camp. You can unleash your creativity and help girls express themselves with a variety of mediums. With opportunities for clay modeling at all camps and a wheel and kiln at Camp Lakamaga, you should have experience in a wide range of areas.

Outdoor Activity/Sustainability Specialist

Do you love the outdoors? Lead activities such as outdoor cooking, fire-building, hiking and outdoor overnights. You also take the lead on the sustainability program at camp, which includes managing the composting program, gardening, recycling and other environmental endeavors. You must have Leave No Trace certification. Training is available prior to staff training.

Program Specialist

Program Specialists help out in all areas of camp, including leading a variety of programs, subbing for counselors with time off, helping at the waterfront and planning campfires. You must be trained and able to lead archery, low ropes, biking, art, nature, boating and be lifeguard certified. Training courses and certifications are available prior to staff training.

Riding Specialist

You support riding counselors in their delivery of horse lessons, and help provide a fun and safe riding program that is appropriate to campers’ ages and abilities. You must have in-depth knowledge of horse care and the ability to teach horse lessons to beginners through higher levels. Higher levels may complete a three-day horse trip off-site.

Sports and Fitness Specialist

As a sports enthusiast, you must have a solid understanding of sports fitness and nutrition. Teach girls how to exercise and safely participate in sports (including warming up and cooling down) and lead a variety of activities in sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and biking. You must have or be willing to obtain certifications in archery, low ropes course and lifeguarding. Training courses and certifications are available prior to staff training.

Trip Specialist

With extensive skills in outdoor cooking, camping, orienteering and Leave No Trace principals, you educate girls and staff in a variety of outdoor skills. Lead camp overnights for beginners and off-site trips for older girls for up to 18 days in biking, backpacking, canoeing and sea kayaking. You must have experience in leading trips or extensive trip participation experience and have skills in canoeing, kayaking, backpacking and biking. Leave No Trace, lifeguard and wilderness first aid certifications required. Training courses and certifications are available prior to staff training.

Waterfront + Boating Specialist

Enjoy your time near the water as you educate girls in boating (canoe, kayak, row boats, pontoons, paddle boats and sailboats), fishing and water safety. Supervise open swim lessons along with other lifeguards and act calmly and efficiently in emergencies (you will practice drills and scenarios throughout the summer). Lifeguard certification required. Training course and certification is available prior to staff training.

Leadership Specialist

Mentor older girls as you lead campers in the counselors in training (CIT) programs. Travel between the camps throughout the summer and help girls become leaders as you train them for staff positions. You must have leadership program/youth leadership experience.

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Kitchen Positions:
$12–$16/hour if living off site
or $250-$300 weekly if living on site

Food Service Director

Direct the overall food service operation of the camp for up to 300 participants at any one time. This includes adequate stock rotation and food purchasing, food preparation, following a pre-determined menu to ensure balanced nutrition, following due diligence to any dietary restrictions and food allergies, scheduling and coverage for kitchen staff, and keeping a safe and sanitary kitchen environment. You supervise and direct any staff working in the kitchen. Serv Safe certification and documented food service experience necessary.

Assistant Cook

Under the direction of the Food Service Director, you prepare and serve high-quality meals for up to 300 participants at any one time. You must be able to work well as a member of a team to prepare nutritional and camper-friendly meals, assist with clean-up and inventory, and ensure all health and safety standards are met. Documented experience in food preparation and/or cooking required.

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Support Staff

Kitchen/Cleaning Assistant: $175-$225/week

Assist the cooks in preparing and serving nutritious meals and in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the kitchen and dish-washing area. Responsibilities also include maintaining cleanliness throughout camps in bathrooms, dining hall areas and buildings.

Maintenance/Cleaning Staff $11-$14/hour (or weekly rate for live on site)

Work with the maintenance staff to ensure that high cleanliness and safety standards are met throughout camp. Fix camp equipment as needed and keep facilities in good working order.

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A camp director

Director Positions: $350-$500/week

Directors further the camp mission by designing and delivering program activities and events that are safe, fun and appropriate to the campers’ ages and abilities.

Provide the highest quality experience for campers by assisting in managing the overall camp operation, including supervising, mentoring and supporting staff. Candidates must be highly organized with strong attention to detail. Previous resident camp experience is required.

Assistant Camp Director

Empower, mentor and support other staff in all areas around camp. Responsibilities include supervising staff and overseeing all aspects of the day-to-day running of camp, including developing and implementing curriculum, providing strong program design, flexibly adapting and reacting to the fast pace of camp, and filling in for the camp director when needed.

Health Care Director

Oversee the health and safety of all campers and staff. You are responsible for performing health screenings of all incoming campers and staff, dispensing medications, and maintaining accurate health logs and records as legal documents. Perform first aid as necessary and appropriate, respond to emergencies, maintain contact with the camp physician, and ensure general health and safety throughout camp.

First aid and CPR certification are minimum requirements. RN’s preferred. EMT and first responders accepted.

Program Director

Oversee all aspects of program at camp. Through helping to develop and monitor curriculum, providing ongoing training and support to staff, and taking on a strong leadership role, you ensure that there is consistency and quality in all areas of program throughout resident camp and day programs.

To apply, you must have a strong program background, the ability to lead a variety of activities and the capacity to train others to lead. Archery, low ropes and lifeguard certifications required. All trainings and certifications are available prior to staff training.

Trip Director

Highly organized with good attention to detail, you coordinate all logistics for on- and off-site programs. Provide support to trip specialists at all camps and take charge of trip logistics at Camp Northwoods. At Northwoods, you ensure trips have the correct food and gear, coordinate driving schedules, organize the appropriate permits, reserve campsites as appropriate and work with trip specialists to develop itineraries. You also oversee general outdoor education and take charge of purchasing and bagging appropriate quantities of food for trips and on-site cookouts.

You must have previous trip experience, preferably in a resident camp setting.

Waterfront Director
In one of the busiest areas at camp, you over see water safety. Conduct regular in-service training and waterfront emergency drills for lifeguards, supervise waterfront specialists and lifeguards, ensure safety is upheld, and help girls receive fun and educational water time.

Good organizational skills are necessary to schedule guards throughout different areas and manage multiple user groups. You must have previous waterfront supervision experience and skills and a current lifeguard certification. Lifeguard certification is available prior to staff training.

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