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Types of Camp

What is it like to camp like a girl? Fun, adventurous, and action packed! Feel the wind through your hair as you horseback ride through the prairie. Try your hand at swimming, kayaking, and archery.

Girls who camp show courage, confidence, and strength of character. They become leaders—at camp, in the classroom, and in their later lives. Now is the time: Camp out and grow within.

Horse Camp

Horse Camps (Residential)

Horses represent strength, freedom, and motivation. No wonder so many girls love them. River Valleys’ horseback riding program facilitates meaningful bonds between girls and animals. Learn more and register for horse camps.

Family Camp

Traditional Camp (Residential)

You’ll try a variety of activities from swimming and boating to archery and arts and crafts while making friends with fellow Girl Scouts from throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Learn more and register for our traditional camps.

Family Camp

Troop + Family Camp
(Day + Residential)

At camp, girls feel empowered by exploring their world and trying new things. Imagine the positive affect this can have on an entire troop—or your family! Learn more and register for our troop and family camps.

Wilderness Trips (Residential)

Navigating the natural world requires strength, quick thinking, and long-term planning. Build these inner traits on a Camp Northwoods wilderness trip. Learn more and register for our wilderness camps.

Counselor in Training

Leadership Camps (Residential)

You look like a leader: Bold, brave, and intelligent. Train to become camp staff members and gain vital skills that apply toward school, college applications, resumes, and future careers. Learn more and register for leadership camps.