Trivia Games

Our Ultimate Girl Scout Quiz and our Trivia Fun game would both be great activities for your lunchtime troop meetings.

Ultimate Girl Scout Quiz


  • Send your staff to our online quiz, so they can find out how “Girl Scout” they are. The quiz takes 2-4 minutes.

In Person

  1. Print a copy of our quiz questions for your honorary troop leader.
  2. Give each participant a piece of paper and a pencil to keep track of their score.
  3. Have your honorary troop leader or another volunteer stand at the front of the room and read the statements.
  4. For each true statement, participants should give themselves one point.
  5. Encourage women to raise their hands or cheer aloud for each statement that is true of them.
  6. Encourage chatter! This is a great way for alumnae to learn more about each other.
  7. Once you’ve gone through all the questions, have each participant add up their points.
  8. Ask everyone to stand up. Then, ask alumnae to sit down one group at a time starting with whoever has less than 20 true statements. Then, less than 25 true statements and so on, until there is one woman standing.
  9. Give your Ultimate Girl Scout(s) a prize!


Trivia Mania Game

Test the knowledge of the Girl Scout alumnae in your organization with a trivia contest. From deceivingly simple questions like, “What is the Girl Scout Motto?” to, “What was the name of the first Girl Scout movie shown in theatres across America?” this trivia contest will get your Girl Scout alumnae talking.

In Person

  1. This game is ideally done as part of the Lunchtime Troop Meeting.
  2. Download one or more sets of trivia questions and print them for the game.
  3. Choose approximately 20 questions from the list below. We have found 20 questions to be a reasonable number for a group, but please feel free to use fewer or more.
  4. Alumnae may either participate individually or on teams.
  5. Ask your honorary troop leader or another volunteer to stand in front of the group and read the questions.
  6. For each correct answer, each team or individual receives one point.
  7. Once you’ve gone through all the questions, have each participant add up their points.
  8. Declare a winner and give them a prize!
  9. As an alternative, choose 20 questions from the set below and encourage alumnae to divide into smaller groups to play against each other.
  10. Please feel free to use this game as a discussion starting point or use the questions for another activity.

Note: The questions and answers will line up front-to-back correctly if they are printed double-sided.


  1. Send the alumnae in your organization to our online Trivia Mania quiz.
  2. When participants finish the trivia quiz, they can share and compare their results with colleagues or post their results directly to Facebook.