Sharing Memories

Give your Girl Scout alumnae an opportunity to share their favorite memories of Girl Scouting through images.

Green at Heart

What better way to spot the Girl Scouts in your organization than by encouraging all of them to wear green on Always a Girl Scout Day? Whether or not you hold additional activities, this will encourage conversation and cultivate connections among your staff.

Memorabilia + Memories

Encourage your Girl Scout alumnae to bring in their memorabilia, whether it’s a Girl Scout sash, vest, button or other item. Invite them to display their memorabilia and photos in their offices and cubicles (or wear the wearable items!) and bring them to your Lunchtime Troop Meeting. Preserve the memories by taking photos of your participating employees.

Create a Memory Wall

A Memory Wall is an easy activity to help your staff share their Girl Scout Memories with each other.


  1. Two or more weeks prior to your day, create a new Facebook Event titled, “[Name of your organization] Always a Girl Scout Day.”
  2. Send an organization-wide email that includes the link to the event and encourages Girl Scouts alumnae to RSVP and share their memories of Girl Scouting on the event wall.
  3. Not only will Girl Scout alumnae be able to share memories on the wall, you will obtain a better idea of how many alumnae will be participating in your activities.

In Person

  1. Either before or on your Always a Girl Scout Day, designate a wall space in a prominent location in your organization where alumnae can share their written memories.
  2. Hang a large piece of paper or a bulletin board.
  3. Hang a sign above it stating: Always a Girl Scout Day Memory Wall: Do you have a favorite Girl Scout Memory? A funny camp story? Take a moment to share it here!
  4. Provide markers and/or other writing utensils. If it is a bulletin board, provide paper, writing utensils, and tacks.

Company Photo

We would love to see you in green. Please feel free to include an Always a Girl Scout Day banner in your company photograph and send us a copy of the photo for possible inclusion in our alumnae e-newsletter and other circulated materials. As a thank-you for participating, we will also enter you to win a Girl Scout cookie pack!

How to Optimize Your Photo

  1. Choose a time and location for your alumnae photo and advertise well. A Lunchtime Troop Meeting is the perfect opportunity.
  2. Just before the photo, make an announcement over your PA or send out an email to remind people.
  3. Encourage alumnae to wear green for the photo. Put the greenest women in front.
  4. Encourage people to hold up or wear any sashes or vests they brought.
  5. Don’t forget the banner/sign!
  6. If you have a sign with your company name, stage the picture in front of it. Not only are we excited to see a picture of your alumnae, we are excited to know where they work.