Lunchtime Troop Meeting

One of the best ways to celebrate Always a Girl Scout Day is to hold an adult Girl Scout Troop meeting. Many of the activities included in our resources are designed for just such an event.

The premise is simple: invite all the Girl Scout alumnae in your organization to have lunch together. It is a great way to celebrate and encourage alumnae to reconnect with each other.

If this not an option for you, consider using our tools for a primarily-online celebration.


  1. Choose a time for your lunch.
  2. Book a conference room or reserve a space large enough to accommodate all the Girl Scout alumnae in your organization. In general, 25% of all women were Girl Scouts as children; however, the number rises within businesses. You may expect closer to 50% of your female employees to be Girl Scout alumnae.
  3. Look through the list of activities we suggest at and decide which ones to include. Some of the easiest and most pertinent included activities are:
    • Cookie Bake-off
    • Camp-ference Room Potluck
    • Team Green: Sharing Memorabilia, Memories and Photos
    • Girl Scouts Trivia Mania
    • Postcards from Camp
    • Registering as Girl Scouts River Valleys alumnae
  4. Be creative! Come up with your own ideas or adapt ours to suit your Lunchtime Troop Meeting needs.
  5. Advertise – make sure everyone knows about your event!