Cookie Bake-Off

This activity is a delicious way to engage your entire company. It includes a planned bake-off, a cookie tasting, and voting for the best-tasting cookie.


Prior to Always a Girl Scout Day

  1. Select a volunteer to take charge of the bake-off.
  2. Pick a location.
  3. Set a time during your Always a Girl Scout Day when cookies can be brought to your location and organized for the cookie tasting.
  4. Set a time for the cookie tasting that is approximately 30 minutes after the cookies arrive to allow for setup.
  5. Decide how many cookies your participating bakers should bake. We recommend one dozen per fifty people attending, as you’ll be cutting the cookies into sample quarters.
  6. Print enough voting slips to accommodate your staff and ask your volunteer to cut them into strips.
  7. Announce your Girl Scout Cookie Bake-off and the timing of the cookie tasting by posting the sign-up sheet (or create your own).
  8. Post or email the sample recipe for inspiration.

On Always a Girl Scout Day

  1. Set up the cookies, assigning each variety a number for ease of voting.
  2. Led by your volunteer cookie coordinator, cut the cookies into quarters.
  3. Let the tasting begin! Ask your employees to vote for their favorite using a voting slip.
  4. Collect the votes and count them.
  5. Announce your winner(s) and give them a fabulous prize.
  6. Don’t forget to take a picture of the winner(s) AND the cookies!