Camp Postcards

Postcards from Camp includes multiple vintage Girl Scout camp postcards that can be used as fun images to post around the office, postcards that can be sent between employees or for a caption contest.

Download the Vintage Postcards

Caption Contest Instructions

In Person

  1. During your Lunchtime Troop Meeting, leave copies of the images (or one image) on tables or post them in various places around your office in the morning.
  2. Encourage your employees to come up with fun and creative captions for one or all of the images.
  3. Toward the end of lunch, ask the alumnae to stand up and give their caption suggestions.
  4. Write the suggestions on a white board or easel.
  5. Read them out loud and ask alumnae to raise their hands to vote for their favorite.
  6. Give the winning caption creator a prize!


  1. Ask employees to email their ideas to you or to your honorary troop leader.
  2. Later in the day, send out all the ideas collected and ask people to vote for their favorite caption.
  3. Count the votes and give the winning caption creator a prize!