Camp-ference Room Potluck

What could be more “Girl Scouts” than a good camp-themed potluck? As part of your Lunchtime Troop Meeting, host a potluck at your organization and invite Girl Scout alumnae (or all of your employees!) to bring their favorite potluck or camp-inspired dish to share.


  1. Choose an appropriate lunchtime during your Always a Girl Scout Day.
  2. Reserve space large enough to accommodate all of your potential participants. As a reminder, 25% of American women are Girl Scout alumnae and the percentage of alumnae increases in business. You may plan to expect 50% of your female employees to participate.
  3. Post a sign-up sheet in a high-traffic area to keep track of the delicious dishes en route to your Girl Scout Camp-ference Room Potluck.
  4. Advertise – make sure everyone knows about your event!
  5. Eat and enjoy.