Resource Guide

We’ve designed a number of ways you can organize an Always a Girl Scout Day in your office. Feel free to use and/or reformat the materials that best apply to your event.

Step 1: Pick a Date + Register with Us

We recommend that you pick a date two or more weeks away so that you have time to announce it. Designate yourself or another person as Honorary Troop Leader and let us know about your event.

Step 2: Choose Your Activities

Here are instructions for fun Girl Scout-themed events that can be done either online or in person:

Step 3: Advertise

Promote your Always a Girl Scout Day and learn more about the women with whom you work. Use the best method to reach your co-workers whether it be fliers in the office, emails or Facebook updates to make sure they know about the festivities.

Step 5: Celebrate!

Be green, have fun and document your experiences!

Step 6: Share with Us

Send stories and photos from your office’s Always a Girl Scout Day to our communications team, and they may be featured on our blog or social media pages.