Leadership Team

Tish Bolger, CEO

Tish Bolger

Chief Executive Officer

Email: tisha.bolger@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1154

Rosanne Malevich

Rosanne Malevich

Chief Financial Officer

Email: rosanne.malevich@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1113

Jen Thorson

Jen Thorson

Chief Operating Officer

Email: jen.thorson@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1603

Suzanne Tillman

Suzanne Tillman

Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development

Email: suzanne.tillman@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1179

Janet Gracia

Janet Gracia

Senior Vice President, Membership Support

Email: janet.gracia@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1232

Missi Arens

Missi Arens

Vice President, Funded Initiatives

Email: missi.arens@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1533


Stephanie Pommier

Vice President, Individual Giving + Alumnae Relations

Email: stephanie.pommier@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1265


Shelly Losinski

Senior Director, Membership Support

Email: shelly.losinski@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1148


Brenda Dege

Director, Accounting

Email: brenda.dege@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1205


Cheryl Kaplan

Director, Information Technology

Email: cheryl.kaplan@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1262


Paul Thorne

Director, Asset Management

Email: paul.thorne@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1272


Pam Wurster

Director, Outdoor Program + Property

Email: pamela.wurster@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1149

Kristen Neurer

Kristen Neurer

Senior Director of Communications and Recruitment

Email: kristen.neurer@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1241

Liana Michelfelder-Tessum

Liana Michelfelder-Tessum

Director of Community Partnerships

Email: liana.tessum@girlscoutsrv.org
Phone: 800-845-0787 x1316